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A leader in integrated electrical solutions in the sports lighting, sustainable energy, construction, and facility servicing sectors. 


SA Athletics Stadium LED Upgrade

Installation of 6 x 36m light towers.

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Check out the latest news from CME, anything relating to our projects and community involvement.


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CME Safety

Work Safe, Home Safe, Live Safe.


Our Work Safe, Home Safe, Live Safe motto is paramount to the safe culture that is in the fabric of the CME DNA. 

Work Safe – Our commitment to providing extensive training, a safe workplace, and a safe space while our team is at work.

Home Safe – Our commitment is to ensure our team returns home safely, to their loved ones, each and every day.

Live Safe – Our commitment to provide wellness and mental health support, mentorship, and support through life’s challenges.

CME Safety anchor

Trusted by 1500+ clients

CME Solutions have been a consistent performer throughout the rollout of the Sustainable Schools Program. Their delivery of high quality PV systems and LED lighting upgrades throughout the schools targeted in the Sustainable Schools Program, has been recognised by senior management. The professionalism of CME Solutions has been working with their projects department a smooth process and their continual communication and quick response rate makes them a pleasure to work with.

Dane Laing


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