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Welcome to the launch of the CME Group!

When reviewing our strengths and recent successes we made a strategic decision to further diversify into strong performing fields.

The CME Group has been formed on the back of almost 30 years of electrical contracting across many sectors.


The CME Group consists of the following companies:

  • CM Electrical Solutions (CME Solutions)
  • CME Sports Lighting
  • CME Energy
  • CME Mining


CME Solutions is the main contracting company that has been established since 1985. CME Solutions has established strong professional relationships with many high profile clients & companies throughout Australia.

CME Sports Lighting travels Australia wide specialising in Sports & Area Lighting, having over 25 years experience installing light towers & light fittings to illuminate football ovals, soccer pitch & hockey pitches, bowling greens & tennis courts. CME Sports Lighting has been the preferred contractor for many of the countries main sporting facilities lighting upgrades. CME Sports Lighting offers consultation, design, supply, installation & auditing as part of our package to all clients.

CME Energy carries out all of our renewable energy installations, based around large scale solar PV & remote standalone PV installations. CME Energy has a high skilled team with a very vast range of specialised skills.

CME Mining specialises in mining & remote area electrical installations & maintenance. CME Mining played a key part in the design & construction of the operations & maintenance facility of one of Australia's largest haulage companies in a remote mining location. CME Mining also carries out electrical installation in remote indigenous communities.


The CME Group looks at this as a major opportunity to utilize its diverse range of skills to service some of Australia's fastest growing industries.